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Foot Beds


Boot Fitting

Selected as one of America’s Top 15 boot fitters by “SKI” magazine, Bud Heishman has over 35 years experience fitting boots. The boot fitting journey began out of high school as a shoe designer for Kinney Shoe Co. and shortly after his 38 year career as a ski instructor, regional D team member and examiner. With a passion for skiing and a never ending pursuit to improve skiing performance, Bud searched for ways to improve boot fit and the angles associated with how they positioned the skier over his/her skis. To this day he has helped thousands of skiers, including Olympic medalists, ski more comfortably and improve their skiing performance through boot modifications. He uses a proprietary methodology assessing and adjusting 10 different angles along the body’s planes of motion to give the skier a balanced stance allowing equal access to both inside and outside edges and comfortable balance fore/aft.

We assess your feet and lower legs to find the best boot match for your morphology then begin with making you a quality foot bed to create a good neutral foundation to build upon. The boots are then customized to your unique needs. We carry “Boot Doc” products including a variety of semi custom, full custom foot beds, compression socks, boot heaters, heated socks, and dryers, and of course heated boot bags. We feature custom boot liners including Boot Doc foam injected, Zip Fit C4 cork flow, and Intuition liners. – Read Testimonials

Ski Tuning

We pride ourselves in quality ski and snowboard tuning and offer a full menu of services including “hand iron hot waxing” (no rollers here), base repairs, stone grinding and all tunes are hand finished to insure a quality skiing/riding experience. We also mount and adjust most binding brands. Snowind also offers a selection of tuning tools, vises, and waxes for do it yourselfers. Just ask and we will be happy to show you how to use your new tools!

Private Coaching

Find your true skiing potential through on-hill coaching and equipment optimization. With a reputation as one of the industry’s top boot fitters and ski coaches, Bud has helped thousands of skiers (from Olympic medalists to avid beginners) find higher levels of performance.  “Synergy Ski Coaching” combines in-shop equipment balancing with on-hill assessment and coaching. Call to discuss how Synergy Coaching/Alignment can help you reach your goals.
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